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Building Loyalty, One Guest At A Time

Restaurant and retail ownership has been a passion of ours from the very beginning when Warren Thompson purchased 31 Bob’s Big Boys in 1992. Thirty years later we now own and operate 20 distinct brands with 70+ units that span QSR to fine-dining, serving up everything from burgers, tacos, pizzas, to Wagyu Steak. Our goal in building our portfolio of concepts has been to offer something for every palate and every type of experience. Creating best-in-class experiences for our guest but also our partners is at the core of what we do. 2022 was a year of massive growth for our restaurant portfolio with the Velocity Group partnership bringing Velocity Wings, Social House, and Locals Tacos & Tequila into the family as well as the acquisition of Wiseguy Pizza.   We opened 10 new restaurants in 2022 and have as many (if not more) planned for 2023.  The future is bright and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional experiences to all our guests and partners.  

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