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Building Loyalty, One Guest At A Time

Restaurant and retail ownership has been a passion of ours from the very beginning when Warren Thompson purchased 31 Bob’s Big Boys in 1992. In 2006, Thompson Hospitality purchased the Austin Grill restaurant chain, followed by the acquisition of the American Tap Room in 2008, and the creation of brb (be right burger) in 2011. The American Tap Room, Austin Grill and brb brands have expanded to a variety of sites including airports, corporate offices, universities, schools and hospitals across the country. Rounding out our portfolio of brands, is Willie T’s Lobster Shack launched in 2014, followed by Hen Quarter and Hen Penny in 2017, with plans for future growth. Regardless of segment, our goal is to always bring our customers the brightest retail and restaurant concepts with our own unique style of hospitality and guest focus.





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